How to White Label UAE?

What is White Label Branding?

Many times, developers and agencies prefer hiding the identity of a third party plugin or theme being used on a website they create. White Label Branding helps you rename and present a plugin or a theme as your own. This feature allows you to hide the actual identity of the product and it’s author – by using your own brand name.

The Ultimate Addons for Elementor allows you to white label the plugin and change every detail that will prove that it belongs to you and that you are the whole and sole developer of the website you’ve been working on.

Note: The white label feature only changes the display names and strings of the plugin.

Enabling White label in UAE

In order to enable the while label feature in the Ultimate Addons for Elementor, you will have to go to

Settings -> UAE -> White Label

This is where you can change your Author and Plugin details that are displayed in the WordPress backend.

Settings available for White Label are –

If you wish to hide the white label settings from your clients or anyone who will access the backend, you can do so. You can hide the white label settings by checking the checkbox as shown in the screenshot below.

Note: If you wish to see the white label settings again after hiding them, you can do so by re-activating the plugin. You can also choose to hide white label settings permanently.

Further, you have Admin Area settings that cover some important sections that appear in the WordPress backend.

Admin Area settings

This is where you can manage the following things:

Replace Logo: When enabled, this allows you to replace the logo of UAE with the plugin name you entered.

Display Knowledge Base Box: We’ve added a knowledge base box on the welcome screen of UAE, so that you can access it whenever needed. But, you can hide this by un-checking the box here. In case you wish to add your own knowledge base link, you can do so by inserting the link in the field given below.

Display Support Box: We’ve added a support box on the welcome screen of UAE. You can hide this box by un-checking this option. In case you wish to add your own support center, you can do so by inserting the link in the field given below.

Display Beta Update Box: It allow you to fetch beta versions of UAE on a website. We have a dedicated box that lets you enable automatic beta updates. You can hide this box by un-checking this option.

Editor Area Settings

Display Help links: We’ve added a few reference links that take you to our knowledge base articles through Elementor’s widget editor area. You can hide these links by un-checking this option from the white label settings page.

Want to see where all this will be seen?

The author and plugin details are often seen on a website’s plugin page. Here is a screenshot that shows where you’ll find that the details replaced.

Have you observed the short-form UAE appear under Settings in your WordPress backend? The short name that you entered through the white label settings replaces this. Take a look at the screenshot.

The category name appears with the list of UAE widgets you see in Elementor’s widget panel. This is where you’ll see the Category Name displayed.

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